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On Wine Equipment Services can help you improve the productivity and overall performance of your existing equipment, and facilitate equipment servicing and support of new installations.

Improve productivity

Improve performance of your existing equipment

Equipment servicing

Maintain new installations


  • Experience on a wide variety of old and new products
  • Extensive knowledge of suppliers and replacement parts
  • Fabrication of non-standard parts
  • Effective fault finding
  • Rapid response


  • Complete rebuilds of components supported
  • Coordination and planning of rebuild projects.

Preventative maintenance

  • Scheduling of maintenance to suit operating conditions of machines
  • Monitoring of machine efficiency to establish maintenance schedules.

Retrofit PLCs/ Control Systems

  • Fitting new control systems to presses and other equipment pieces for better control and faster processing of product.
  • Allows for quick fault finding in case of machine break down
  • Allows for offsite diagnosis of machine failure
  • Allows for customisation of UI for ease of operation
  • Application to wide variety of machines in the wine industry.

Holistic Asset Management

  • Give the user a good understanding of the performance of their machines.
  • Real-time
  • Allows for fault detection before it causes downtime
  • Improve the flow of product

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Machine Control System Upgrade

We install control systems that modernise the interface and control of your machines, helping you to keep up with modern industry trends while still allowing for individual taste and features to be incorporated into your machine.



  • Fully customizable machine operation
  • Individualised HMI design
  • Extra protection of control units against operating hazards
  • Two Season warranty on control units installed under prescribed conditions
  • Capacity to incorporate external machine inputs to better integrate your machine with production flow

Machine Evaluation

With this service we aim to take a holistic look at your machine to help address key aspects for repair and servicing to improve service life and reduce machine down time during production.



  • We are well acquainted with a great variety of machines in the wine industry that handle product from destemming to the bottle including presses, filters and packaging machines.
  • We have a large network of service providers that can service all aspects of the machines we encounter.

Scheduled Maintenance

Effective maintenance is key to the longevity of any machine. We provide scheduled maintenance that is planned according to the demands placed on the machine as well as its service history rather than being re-active to the break downs of the machine.



  • Cost effective
  • Prevents breakdowns and down time

Off-site machine monitoring

Machine monitoring allows for effective monitoring of machines during production and allows for faults to be detected before they lead to total component failure and long periods of machine down time.



  • Select critical points of any machine can be monitored
  • Puts you and your service provider in the know about a machines status without being on site
  • Allows you to better manage the servicing of your machine
  • Various levels of access to machine status

Machine Optimization

Machine optimization is the pinnacle of what we would like to offer as a service. It includes all the other service aspects that we offer. Its purpose is to ensure that every machine on your line is running at its peak performance to provide the maximum product flow with minimal intervention. This is achieved through modern control systems and machine monitoring as well as a close relationship between you and your service provider.



  • Increased machine efficiency
  • Longer service life on parts
  • Better user interface
  • Comprehensive machine data


You're in good company

LaCouronne wines

"On Wine Equipment service has been maintaining, servicing and repairing my press for the last 4 years and I have been working with Andre at my previous cellar, where we had 4 presses, for about 15 years. I have always experienced very good service from them. When there is a emergency in harvest time the make a plan very quickly and their price is normally below the competitors. I will definitely recommend them..."

Henk Swart - Winemaker


"OWES serviced our cellar equipment over the course of the past year. We found their services to be good, fast and reliable and we can recommend them..."

Edmund Breedenkamp - Production Supervisor


"For the past 10 years OWES has serviced our pressing cellar equipment. We found their service to be reliable and excellent and we can recommend them..."

Estelle Lourens - Winemaker